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I’m in the Geezer category, came to San Diego in 1974 from Motown/Detroit back when it was all about cars. I went to the same high school as Tim Dick. He’s Tim Allen to everyone today. Bob Seger practiced his first songs in our gym after school and I hitched a ride from Ted Nugent one day.

I have blue eyes and thick long-esh white hair.

And I need to rotate pics. Opps, other pics didnt come through.

Okay, braggadocio begone. I’m just a regular guy who happens to love movies and acting, some theater too.

I took tap at five and my favorite class other than English/Writing was Auditorium. I lived there, practically as stage hand, fill in and funny man.

Oh, I have to figure out how to lose the ”boo” — all help appreciated. i truly cannot remember how it got there.

....more to come



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