Write a short play, of any length not exceeding 15 minutes. 

You have complete creative freedom in regaurds to format and how you would like your play performed on Zoom. 

You may choose to Direct the play you have written or allow another student to Direct your play, if it is chosen for the showcase. 


Email From the NPP town hall

Thank you, everyone, for such a thoughtful and productive town hall last Tuesday. We feel very grateful to have had the chance to listen to (or read about) your ideas, concerns, and struggles, and we hope to be able to contact you in the near future with some concrete events based on our discussion.

Along those lines, don't forget that we do have 2 upcoming events:

  • Sept 11: Readings of the 2019 Gary Garrison Award-winning 10-minute plays

  • Sept 18: Readings of the 2019 John Cauble Award-winning one-act plays

We should have flyers for those events soon, and will be sure to send it out to you closer to the date as a reminder.

Something that was already in the works before last Tuesday's town hall but definitely came up as something many of you could benefit from was a NPP resources website. We’re putting the final touches on the site, and hope to be able to send you the URL soon. The resources will take us the longest to develop, but we can’t wait to share this necessary and still-expanding website with you in the coming weeks.

We've attached 2 documents to this email: one has the nationwide contact info for both NPP and RED leadership. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have more ideas or more issues you'd like to see addressed--we are a service organization, and we serve you, so the more you interact with us, the better we can make our organization. The other is the chat transcript from the town hall meeting, so you all can review it if you'd like.

Lastly, we wanted to just do a recap of our big takeaways from the meeting, to make sure we heard you correctly and are taking the right ideas back to our meetings:

  • Student work and students working are important. Students like the opportunity to see work from their fellow students, and they want more opportunities to connect with fellow students to see process, form collaborative partnerships, and connect with each other outside of regional and national festivals through potential groups like affinity spaces and playwrights' collectives.

  • Collaboration and innovation should be encouraged in this weird time. While NPP and Devised were already trying to find ways to work together, this relationship was highlighted early in the town hall. Illuminating how playwrights intersect with devised work, along with brainstorming potential ways to connect writers with people who want their stories told ("collaboration tanks"--thanks Michael Allen!), appealed to the group.

  • Explore who's telling stories and who's reading plays. We had lots of discussion about who gets to tell what stories--who has the opportunity to tell stories about more marginalized communities, and whether they should take that opportunity or not. Workshops exploring why we have the impulse to tell stories from other perspectives, workshops about how to encourage diversity in narrative without encouraging appropriation of narrative/culture, and fostering changes to our reading processes--including rethinking blind submissions, paying attention to who's reading what, and specifying whether awards should come from within communities or not--were all suggested.

  • Highlight and encourage narratives from historically marginalized communities. Many of our students across the nation want to see themselves and their peers more represented on stage. Students would like to learn more about the ways different cultures practice theatre--Black theatre, Latinx theatre, AAPI theatre--as well as seeing more authentic BIPOC, Latinx, Asian, LGBTQIA+, nonbinary/gender-nonconforming, and differently abled narratives on stage. Additionally, stories about marginalized people/communities can include more than struggles--joy is resistance, and not seen enough.

Again, thank you for your time, energy, and attention on Tuesday. As TJ said so eloquently in the closing of the town hall: "When everything else is blowing up, let us be your one island of sanity in an ocean of fire."

We hope to see you again soon.