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The Backstage Players

Colored Theatre Lights
MiraCosta College Backstage Players 2020-2021
Club Constitution



We are the Backstage Players, or "BSP" for short, the theatre club of MiraCosta College.  Our members are students, former students, and friends of Department of Theatre and Film. 

Our mission is threefold:

1. To promote ensemble as we grow, learn, and explore theatre together.

2. To share our knowledge, talents, and love for theatre with the campus and larger community

3. To support the MiraCosta Theatre and Film program by raising funds to foster student resources as they extend their study of theatre and film. 


This is a club for the people by the people, the elected council will be here to help facilitate and interact with school faculties to ensure Member driven projects and events hit their full potential. This is a club run by a counsel but all events/activities/fundraisers/etc will be thought of, brought up, voted on, approved, taken from idea to real life and reach their success by the Members of this club. The more interest/support/promotion from Members, the more success we will have!


The Officers will collaborate together on our social media presence, and help organize, run, and secure volunteers for club fundraisers and events

Student Leader

The Student Leader is a current MiraCosta College student and is a voting member of the board. This position spans Fall/Spring Semester. The Student Leader  takes an active part in planning and decisions making. 



The BSP club president is a current MiraCosta College student who has attended MCC for at least one semester and is a voting member of the club.  This position spans one school year (August-June) or – in the case of a resignation – the remaining portion thereof.  The president will:

1. conduct club meetings, which includes creating meeting agendas

2. communicate with the advisor(s)

3. oversees all events and anything club related to ensure it runs smoothly and properly to the club code

4. maintain a storage locker in Club room (where ICC meetings are held), and the BSP storage closet/drawer in the Theatre building as the club deems necessary


Vice President

The BSP club vice-president is a current MCC student and is a voting member of the club. This position spans one school year (August-June) or – in the case of a resignation – the remaining portion thereof.  The vice president will:

1. create and post club, and board, meetings to Spartan Experience

2. create event announcements and club updates the “MiraCosta College Backstage Players” Facebook group

3. conduct club meetings in the absence of the president

4. assist the club president in overseeing concessions for MCC Theatre events


The BSP club recorder is a voting member of the club. This position spans one school year (August-June) or – in the case of a resignation – the remaining portion thereof.  The recorder will:

1. track attendance at club events

2. record detailed event notes for future club members, including important contact information, budget, dates, successes and challenges

3. upload meeting minutes to Spartan Experience

4. supervise all votes and report the results fairly and honestly



The BSP club treasurer is a current MCC student and is a voting member of the club. The position spans one school year (Aug-June) - or in case of a resignation - the remaining portion thereof. The treasurer’s duties include:

1. submitting budget requests for events (Haunted Hallways, Ugly Sweater parties)/student productions via Spartan Experience

2. counting the money made from rose grams and concessions sales after a mainstage production has closed (see Bryon Anderson) and dropping the money in the dropbox.



InterClub Council (ICC) Representative

The BSP club ICC representative is a current MCC student and is a voting member of the club.  This position spans one semester, although the same club member may serve in this position for consecutive semesters.  The ICC representative will:

1. attend bi-weekly ICC meetings (or find a suitable and reliable substitute)

2. subscribe to ICC email list

3. check BSP mailbox in Club room (where ICC meetings are held)

4. report relevant BSP events at ICC meetings

5. report relevant ICC meeting agenda items and/or email messages to BSP club members

6. collaborate with Treasurer to submit receipts to the club council for funding and events

*note. Fall 2020 has been moved online , so ICC meetings will be held online. 


Past President

The BSP club past president will be available to the current board for at least the first full month of the school year or – in the case of a resignation – the first full month following her/his end of term.  The past president will:

1. conduct an orientation for new board members including

2. introductions to theatre staff and faculty, Student Activities staff, and ICC chair

3. advise board on regular and annual club events

4. summarize the past year’s events

5. attend board meetings as able

6. maintain contact with the current president via phone or email throughout the school year immediately following her/his term as president



BSP may have one advisor or two co-advisors.  The BSP club advisor(s) is/are MiraCosta Theatre faculty or staff.  All club events and purchases must be approved by one advisor.  The advisor(s) is/are not voting members of the club but will advise the club as members propose events and fundraisers.



Club members are required to get the word out across campus/community about each upcoming event. This responsibility is to be shared by the club as a whole.



The Backstage Players (BSP) club consists of board members (president, vice president, ICC representative, treasurer, and recorder), a past president, an advisor, and voting members. All members are invited to join the “MiraCosta College Backstage Players” Facebook group in order to receive club information. They should also sign up through the club’s Spartan Experience page.


In order to elect board members, to vote on spending club funds, and to be invited to club-sponsored events, you simply have to do one or more of the following:

1. attend and sign in at club meetings

2. assist at club fundraisers or community events

3. participate in MiraCosta Theatre and Film productions



The Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival (KCACTF) is an annual event for which student actors are nominated.  Nominations are based on a student’s performance in a faculty-directed production and at the discretion of a KCACTF respondent.  MiraCosta College is a member of KCACTF Region VIII, which is comprised of Arizona, Central and Southern California, Hawaii, Southern Nevada, and Utah.  The Festival’s location rotates throughout the region each year.


BSP club funds may be used, in part, to cover travel expenses for nominated student actors and their chosen scene partners.  Festival participants who receive financial assistance from BSP club funds must complete at least five hours of fundraising for the club during the school year in which they attend KCACTF, whether or not the participant is associated with the club.



Election of Board Members

Board members are elected by secret ballot at the last meeting of the spring semester for the following school year, except in the case of the ICC representative, which is elected each semester.  In order to serve on the board, a member must: 

submit for consideration

be nominated by another club member and accept the nomination

commit to the term of the position (as indicated above)

if a position has multiple nominees, the position will go to whomever receives the majority of votes from club members



In the event that a board member feels s/he cannot perform the duties required of her/his own position, s/he may resign by giving the BSP president or vice president two weeks to find another nominee, and a mid-term election will be held.  The board member who is resigning must complete the duties of the position until a replacement is elected.  The replacement completes the original term of the board member.  A board member who resigns is not eligible for re-election for one complete semester after resignation. A debrief with the board member will occur the advisor.


Removal of a Board Member

Club members may hold a special vote to remove a member from the board when they have reason to believe the board member is not honorably serving the club and its mission.  A club member may propose the vote to the board, which would then be discussed with the full the full board and advisor(s). Should the discussion not provide a solution, the club vote would more forward. The vote is conducted by secret ballot, and it will ask whether the board member should be removed from the position or retain the position.  In the event that the board member is removed, a mid-term election will be held. A debrief with the board member will occur the advisor.



Backstage Players will host or attend the following regular events throughout the school year:

*Note: Fall semester 2020 is online so this is subject to change for virtual settings


1. “Welcome to the Theatre” meeting during first week of school (hosted by Theatre faculty)

2. Concessions at MCC Theatre shows 

3. College Hour (at least one per semester)

4. ICC Club Recruitment Day

5. End-of-year Awards Celebration (with Theatre Faculty)


Additional events may be scheduled, including but not limited to:

1. Barnes & Noble book sales and gift-wrapping

2. Group tickets for local theaters

3. Master classes by local artists

4. Read-throughs of upcoming MCC Theatre shows, or plays read in classes

5. Staged readings

6. Performances of scenes and plays in the Studio Blackbox

7. Improv comedy nights

8. School/Rotary Club performances

9. Headshot sessions with MCC photography students

10. Haunted Hallways

11. Sweater Decorating

12. Film Screening

13. Talent Shows


*Money generated by fundraisers goes directly into the club account for future club use.  Events that require club funds must receive a majority vote by attending club members prior to any purchases.



Any voting member may propose an amendment to the constitution by presenting it, in writing, to the club one meeting before the amendment is voted on.  The amendment must receive a majority of votes in order to pass, and it will be effective immediately unless stated otherwise.  A copy of all amendments to the constitution must be filed in the Student Activities Office.



This constitution was adopted on Tuesday, June 2nd, 2020 by the present and past board of of the Backstage Players club with a vote of 6 (yes) to 1 (no- Andrew Banderas) and will remain in effect for the 2020-2021 school year.

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